Corporate Events

Whether it's an event to launch a new product, a formal occasion to entertain important clients or overseas visitors, or simply a dinner for your employees and associates, a Toastmaster adds a touch of class to the proceedings.

I have worked in several industries in my career before becoming a Toastmaster and I have the confidence to deal with people at all levels and from all walks of life. This includes Senior Managers and Directors - even Royalty!

I have been trained in cultural matters and will not only respect different cultures in my own behaviour, but I can also advise you on the protocol expected when interacting with different cultures. This will go a long way to:

  • Make the other person more comfortable

  • Avoid causing offence (even accidentally)

  • Strengthen good relationships

  • Engender trust

For a Corporate Event, my fee starts at £350. There will be additional charges for travelling outside of my usual area, particularly if the event is to be held in London. Please contact me for a quotation.