Masonic Ladies Nights

Give a Brother a job to do...

As a Freemason myself, I have attended many Ladies Nights, including my own as Master. I have come to realise over the years, that having a Toastmaster to act as MC takes a great deal of pressure off those involved in the organisation of the event.

An experienced Toastmaster can assume the responsibility for the Running Order on the night, thus freeing up the Festival Secretary to enjoy himself.

As Toastmaster, I can:

  • Announce the guests to the President and his Lady

  • Call for Grace and the Loyal Toast

  • Conduct the wine-taking

  • Co-ordinate the Table Stewards

  • Perform the Ladies Song

  • Present flowers and other gifts

  • In general, ensure that the evening passes off smoothly

For a Masonic Ladies Night, my fee is £250. There may be a small extra charge for travelling outside of my usual area.

Give a Brother a job